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November 26, 2017It's not all about appearance December 9, 2017You were expecting consistency?
December 12, 2017Pressed Rat and Warthog December 16, 2017Cold Weather
December 22, 2017I Need More Slack December 24, 2017Why is Christmas so sad?
January 28, 2018I'm going to make up my own rules now February 2, 2018Fits and Starts
March 9, 2018A Duet of Daddy's Boys March 23, 2018I guess it was sort of a good day
March 26, 2018Sleep Deprivation March 27, 2018Time to thin the herd
March 29, 2018Voice Over Internet Protocol May 3, 2018Communications Exercise
September 3, 2018Just Send Money September 4, 2018The Face Of Republican Evil?
September 8, 2018Estate Sale December 9, 2017