December 9, 2017

You were expecting consistency?

We have a lot of snow on the ground. A half-foot at least, maybe more. It just came and came, starting Thursday and going on into yesterday. My wife needed some medicine, but it turned out that a friend of a friend was going to town in a four-wheel-drive truck, and they offered to pick it up for her. They got us a loaf of bread, too. Now, that is the way mountain folks do things: when stuff happens, someone shows up to help. Not like the North, where "help" is often limited to being told the phone number of someone who knows someone who they say can get you a reduced rate.

The yearly Christmas dinner for my club was cancelled. I don't know if we'll get the Fifty dollars back: my wife and I at $25 each, but the guy that handles money tells us that it will depend on how much of the food the caterer was able to resell. Well, that makes sense: we set it up ourselves, after all, so the caterer did his job and the snow wasn't his fault.

I'm drinking cocoa: a luxury since we're cut off from the supermarket and will be learing how to really like Oatmeal for a few days. I've a generator that came with the house, and it will kick in automagically if the power fails, so we won't freeze, but we won't be eating a whole lot of different things, either. I'm going to get out my "prepper" hat and plan how to prevent this next time:

  • Lots of staple grains:
    • Spaghetti
    • Noodles
    • Flour for bread (I'll have to remember to check the date on the yeast)
    • Rice
  • Two or three gallons of spaghetti souce
  • A couple of boxes of powdered milk: enough for four or five gallons
  • We already have extra coffee on hand: I keep at least one unopened can at all times.
  • I'll get some frozen Orange Juice. That stuff lasts forever, right?
  • Some more Kerosene for the lamps. That's a subject in itself, but it never hurts to have a Kerosene lamp around

I don't know what to do about an Internet failure. I have the kind of "smart" phone that can act as a WiFi hotspot that runs off the cellular network, but I'm getting cheap and wondering if the extra $30 a month is worth it, since I've never used the data allowance I pay for. None of my neighbors have an Internet conenction, so I can't make deals with them: there's one that has a cellular modem tied to an ipad, but it's pretty slow and she's not able to do without it anyway, and they're out of range of my WiFi so I'm out of range of theirs, too.

We don't have TV worth mentioning: the cable company wants $20 a month for the basic channels, but I don't think they're worth it. The problem with getting old is that I can see patterns in things now, and I've realized that all the TV and movies are pretty much the same few stories with different faces. I pay $50 a month for Internet, and I can get the news from my Roku box if anything is happening that I want to be following, like fires where my sister lives in California, or snow back where my other sister lives, north of Boston.

You get the idea. I'll leave it at that: I'll have to shovel it myself, while cursing the lapse that caused me to sell my snowblower before I moved, or hire anyone with a plow. Life goes on.