December 12, 2017

Pressed Rat and Warthog

I made a decision yesterday, which I have been following for the entire day.

I decided that I would avoid looking at the news today. I am so damned sick of hearing how an alleged pedophile is running for national office and how a different alleged sexual predator already made it to national office, and how I "should" fight for something that "they" say is "better" and "more filling" and "doesn't hurt the environment" and will realize their ambitions to once again tell me what to do and what to think.

The advertising and the buzzwords and the shaming all blend together after a while. This person says that person couldn't have done whatever it was that a third person alleges. Another person assures me and 10 million other suckers that we have to take the word of "victims" who were supposedly abused, without any primary evidence, without any trial, without anything but the mud clinging to the walls of the virtual reality show both major political parties are running – in the hope, apparently, that they can get me to side with them.

Politics is a nasty process when the steel pokes through the velvet: one party has been using it effectively, the other has been dreaming of yesteryear and big white horses that they can ride off into the sunset of the American civilization, and both of them have as much regard for guys like me as they do for any concept of "truth" or "justice" or "fairness" or, for that matter, courage.

They're taking care of them and theirs. They're selling me and mine down the river in the process, but that process has become so thinly veiled that even guys like me can see it for what it is now. I have gotten old, and sad, and tired. I am wondering more and more if the time I spent in the Army or the time I spent in spuds-and-a-paycheck jobs wasn't all just a game, some joke the fates played to distract me away from realizing that we're all taking care of ourselves.

Update: 11:11 PM EST
My wife called out from the study, and said "Bill, I know who won in Alabama." I said "Judging by your tone, it's that idiot Republican!" She laughed.

CBS was being careful, saying that they hadn't called the race yet while Jones gave his victory speech, but then they said that CBS had called it for Jones, so now they're talking about him as the next Senator. I feel like I shouldn't care.

There's a song that's been running through my head all day: "Pressed Rat and Warthog," which Ginger Baker sang during Cream's reunion show in 2005. I never did understand that song, and figured it must be something that's incomprehensibly British. The Democrats are selling Atonal Apples and Amplified Heat, but they had to close up their shop - at least for a while. It remains to be seen if they learned how to listen to their voters during their vacation.