December 16, 2017

Cold weather

I stuck my head out the door this morning, and then even stepped out onto the landing. It's just a couple of degrees on the good side of "cool," and that means it's time to crank up the tower again.

I made up a "todo" list. It's got all the things I need to do, except for the obvious stuff like "Find the U-bolts for the tower guy wires." I bought some zip-ties to secure the coaxial cable to the tower arm that hold the balun and the wires away from the tower. I forgot to put them on when I put up the 80-meter/40-meter dipole - which turned out to be too long on 80 meters, because I forgot to RTFM before I measured the wires - and the coaxial cable has been hanging off the connector on its end, which is always a bad idea.

Now, I'm good at certain things: like writing a blog when I don't really want to go outside in the cold. I'm realistic about it, though: It's cold outside. I don't like being cold. I moved to where I live so that I don't have to be cold if I don't choose it. However, I know that it will get colder. I know that I didn't get 'er done when it was warm. I know that I can't put a thermostat on the outside of my home and increase the temperature.

Lewis Black is on the TV, doing his unusually competent job of making me shake with laughter. It's a lot more fun that handling cold metal while standing in cold air. It's even more fun than cutting cold wire with cold tools and trying to keep my feet dry, all at the same time. I am, however, interested in getting my ham radio transceiver working again.

Ergo, I will go do battle with the weather. It's going to be slightly-less-freezing today than yesterday. I would say "count your blessings," but I'm not blessed with enough money to live in Belize during the winter.