January 28, 2018

Fits and Starts

For the first four nights of this week, I slept well and awoke around 7 A.M., which is what I wanted to do. I thought it would be tough, after having been a night-owl for so long, but I just cut back on caffeine and went to bed before 11 P.M.

Since I'm retired now, I decided to get back on a more reasonable diurnal cycle, getting up with the sun and going to bed with everyone else that's over 30. Last night - well, actually, yesterday - it went awry.

I went into town to get an electrical connector and pay a bill. The credit-card machine wasn't working when I went to pay the bill, and I didn't have a check book with me, so that didn't work. I couldn't find the electrical connector I wanted at the local builders' supply, and so that didn't work either. I consoled myself with a store-bought lunch at the burger joint, and said "large" when the girl asked, just because I felt like I deserved it.

"Large," it turns out, doesn't mean a large hamburger: just a quart-sized drink and about four cups of french fries. I filled the plastic tankard up with Coke, and drank that while going through the french fries and nursing the burger. When I was going, I refilled the drink and set out for home. I drank about half of the remaining Coke before I quit around 3 in the afternoon.

You can guess the rest: I woke up at 3 A.M., both because of the Coke and because my CPAP mask was whistling a tune up the side of my nose and into my right eye. I would up watching TV and backing up my website and finally crasing back into the mattress at 6:15.

I didn't wake until 11:20, and I was so lagged that I stumbled around and made myself a sandwich for breakfast and had the one cup of coffee that remained in the urn before taking up my place in front of the TV all afternoon, with occasional breaks to read Facebook and the online version of the New York Times. We ate dinner at 6:30, just chicken and water and a salad, and then I came back out and watched more and more TV until now it's midnight and I'll probably sleep until 11 A.M. again.

Rome wasn't built in a day. A guy who worked second-shift for so many years won't change to a daylight schedule at the snap of a finger. I'll just have to keep trying, and set the alarm, and refuse to roll over like I'm tempted to do.