I guess it was sort of a good day

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March 23, 2018

I've been having trouble with my right eye: a few days ago, I noticed that everything had gotten blurry. Near or far, daylight or dim, everything was slightly blurred.

My left eye, on the other hand, has gotten slightly nearsighted. It used to be my "distance" eye, before I had the cataract operation in my right eye that more-or-less equalized them both at what my ophthalmologist calls "Twenty-twenty minus a few letters."

I already had an appointment with him, but I tried to get it moved up, without success. I waited until today, and my wife filled out the questionaire that I had gotten in the mail. I told her to skip the quesitons about when this or that event happened: as far as I'm concerned, they just put those in to see if you're willing to guess. I got there at 3:14, for a 3:15 appointment, and went through the varieous tests and checks for preasure, etc., etc.

The doctor looked at my eyes, and told me that I have a "baby" cataract in my left eye, which doesn't merit an operation yet. The lens in my right eye, however, had developed a film between it and the eye, so that was causing the blurry vision. He had warned me about this, and had said that it happens in about 25% of cases but is easily fixed. He sat me down at a laser machine with my chin in a cup and my forehead braced against a bar, and then put in some goop and some other goop and a lens - "Yeah," he told me, "it's sort of like a contact lens" - and then the laster snapped a few times and we were done.

They gave me a flimsy plastic pair of sunglasses, which felt like a child's toy, and I asked them what the real ones cost. Five dollars and thirty-four cents later, I had a much better pair, which will last for months if I don't scratch them. I teetered out to where my wife was sitting, and invited her to dinner at a nearby restaurant a friend had recommended for steak.

I was dressed in Carhardt pants and a polo shirt, and the staff at the steak house were all wearing tuxedos, and after a minute sitting there, I told her "let's go" and we left and drove to a local place that we like. It was odd: I'm not usually sensitive to things like that, but today I felt vulnerable and uncouth. The local restaurant was better: everyone was wearing jeans. I ordered Fetucino Alfredo with chicken, and a Coke, and my wife had steak tips over rice.

She got tired about halfway through, so we asked for doggie bags and went home, where I put hers in the fridge and heated mine up to finish.

It was a good day, I guess: I got my eye fixed, although the laser means I won't be able to get a new prescription for another month, since he has to check the eye for proper healing then. Still, things do look sharper and I haven't noticed any of the floaters he warned me about. I just feel weird, somehow, still vulnerable and unsure.

I guess I'll get over it. Tomorrow, I will be more focused.