Sleep Deprivation

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March 26, 2018

It's Monday, and I had to check my INR again. It's been running low, and last week the doc bumped me up to 10 mg per day. I figured it would be at least a 2.5 today.

I stuck my finger, and got so little blood that I wasted one test strip. I hate it when the machine comes up with "5," which is the error code for "invalid sample," so I had to dig out my last strip and try again. I used the middle finger on my right hand, but got the same paltry flow there. I was, however, able to squeeze out barely enough to get a "valid" signal, and waited patiently while the machine went through its paces and I wrapped a Kleenex around my finger.

The machine beeped, and showed "1.6" - which is seriously low. I had been at 1.8 last Monday, when the dosage was raised, but the higher dose led me to a lower result.

I got the call around noon: I'm to raise the dose again. I have some 2.5 mg pills, and I'll add those to my daily ritual. I tried to renew the prescription, but CVS said the number was invalid, so now I have to call and get it redone tomorrow.

I woke up this morning at 4:30 AM, and I didn't get tired again until 6:20, but once I was back asleep I slept straight through to 2:45 PM. My sleep-wake cycle has been fouled up lately, with frequent insomnia and late mornings.

I wonder if I worry too much.