Time to thin the herd

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March 27, 2018

I got an email from Godaddy, telling me my domain name would be cancelled and saying I have to renew it now to avoid trouble. I shook my head, and said "no."

Goaddy has changed: it used to be pretty good, bu the last time I tried to renew a domain I had there, they click-baited me into paying five bucks for some domain sales service I don't want anymore. I called up and asked to have it cancelled, and the customer service rep said he couldn't, and so I told him to either void the charge or he would lose my business. He made an excuse, said he would have to write a request and send an email to see if they could do it. I told him to get 'er done, and hanged up.

Godaddy sent me an email saying that they had credited my account, so I went ahead and renewed the domain. However, my bank statement doesn't show the credit, and I'm fed up.

Goodbye, Godaddy, and good riddance. You had a nice gig going, but you treated me like a mark. I'm moving my domains over to a new registrar as they come due for renewal.