Just Send Money

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September 3, 2018

I am buried in desperate please from every liberal organization in America, all telling me that the world will end if I don't send more money to defeat the evil barbarian godless Republicans. I'm fed up.

Listen, Democrats: you keep making the same mistake. You're telling me that you're less evil than the opposition, and that you deserve a check from me because they are so bad and you are so ...

What, exactly? Concerned about my medical care? Wanting to make the military budget less obscene and my Social Security payments less in doublt? Able to admit that you've been sitting on your laurels for seventy-odd years and unable to stop sucking on the lobbyist tit?

I really, really want to know. This entire campaign season seems to be an exercise in finger pointing and blame-finding and double-dealing - while Republicrats and Demicans paint pictures of the Bonanza land that they all promise we'll march backwards toward - if they can get more money.

Shut up, you fools. There isn't a whit's worth of difference between any of you as far as I can tell, and your only salable skill is that you look good on TV and are able to lie through your perfectly capped teeth while you smile sincerely and hope that nobody is able to see the man behind the curtain pulling your strings.

Just give me a break and call back when you grow up and get some principles.