The Face Of Replublican Evil?

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September 4, 2018

I got an email from the "Daily Kos" this morning, which has a link to a story entitled "The Face Of Republican Evil." The story is about a father who lost a child at Parkland in Florida, and who felt that Justice Kavanaugh slighted him by not shaking his hand when the confirmation hearing broke for lunch.

The is obscene. It's moronic, inflamatory, juvenile trumpery. Shame on Daily Kos and on the author for putting this sort of trash online, and for expecting me - and others - to believe it.

News flash, Daily Kos: a candidate for the Supreme Court cannot be seen as supporting or having any relationship with anyone who might be a party to a future case. It's just not done, for every good and common-sense reason I can think of. This may seem jejune, but that's just about the level this "debate" has sunk to: Democrats are miffed because the Republicans taught them a lesson in civics when President Obama presented a nominee in 2016, and now they're fighting President's Trump's nominee because they promised to hold their breath until they turn blue if they don't get their way.

The Daily Kos has gotten more hysterical by the day, and what used to be a useful summary of leftist articles has become a pulpit to bully anyone who has less than a high-school education. Someone should tell them that Caesar's Wife still must be beyond reproach.